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Skylights Installation

If someone wants to augment the value of their homes without making huge investments, then skylights are the perfect choice for them. Skylights are oculus-type structures on the roofs build for ventilation and natural lighting of a building. They help to enjoy the perfect view of the sky. They are made up of translucent glass and enhance the aesthetic splendors of any room. They are also a source of passive heating of the rooms. While these marvelous structures can be added to any room, keeping the amount and intensity of natural light, suitable angles, and the right materials for the construction is essential. We are proud to say that Canton Deck Builders is the right place to add this feature ideally to your house.

There are several advantages of including skylights in the architecture of a house. They brighten up the room by utilizing natural light, thus reduce dependence on artificial light sources. They ventilate the rooms and lower humidity. They are visually appealing and make rooms look spacious.

It is essential to select the suitable material for skylights as low gradient material can cause damage to the floor and furniture due to UV rays. Canton Deck Builders can install the skylight correctly to avoid leakages in the structure.



Commercial Benefits of Skylights:

Skylights have significant effects on physiology and psychology of the human mind. Classrooms with skylights show more productivity than normal classrooms. Similarly, retail sales also increase when products are displayed under bright and naturally lit rooms with skylights.

Residential benefits of Skylights:

Skylights assist in ventilation of the houses. Thy can be upgraded with sun-trackers, lens, mirrors, and open sided cylinders to ensure daylighting and heat gain throughout the day. Movable skylights release hot air which accumulates near the ceiling of the house.

Types of Skylights:

Fixed Skylights:

Fixed skylights are immovable and do not open. They are aesthetically pleasant and provide light and splendid view however, they can not control humidity of the room.

Vented Skylights:

As the name indicates, vented skylights can be opened electronically or by hand. They provide moisture control and help to avoid humidity and condensation in the rooms. They also serve as emergency exits. They are energy-saving but can be a little expensive as compared to fixed skylights due to numerous benefits.

Skylight Glazing:

Glazing uses acrylic, plastic, or glass for solar heat control in the rooms. Different glazing technologies are installed at different locations of the house to meet the energy needs.


Glass Skylights:

Glass Skylights are perfect source of natural light in a room. It is important to select glass material which is resistant to UV radiation to avoid loss of varnish and paint on the furniture.

These skylights can be customized as

  • Tubular skylights
  • Doom skylights
  • Pyramid skylights
  • Barrel vault skylights

Installation of Skylights:

The look and feel of the room is entirely based on the lighting arrangements in it. Therefore, It is important to hire a professional team like Canton Deck Builders for installation of skylights to obtain maximum energy efficiency. Slope, angle, and moisture control should be kept in mind before installation. Several issues arise if skylights are not installed properly. It the placement or the angle of the skylight is not proper, moisture can drip in the spaces. Similarly, homeowners should choose thermally broken skylights to ensure insulation and minimum heat loss in the house.

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