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Roof Ventilation

Another area of expertise that our company holds is your roof ventilation. We must understand that proper ventilation of the house is an essential step for building a house. The roof ventilation system allows the air to circulate through a home’s attic and helps keep the attic airy. Proper roof ventilation protects the house from moisture and rotting. It helps a place in regulating the indoor temperature of the house.

The temperature of the house is regulated with airflow through vents and prevents overheating inside the house. Suppose the roof ventilation system is not properly installed in a home. In that case, it can lead to a series of problems like risking the health of the residents and causing damage to the property. The absence of an air ventilation system or disfunction air ventilation system can also cause mold growth, ice damage, and high energy cost.



Roof ventilators are useful in all the climates.

During summer, the air ventilators help in regulating the temperature inside the house. And help in the airflow, which reduces the chances of overheating and decreases the moisture.

During the winter cold season, the snow appears on the roof and melts from the sunlight. This can create puddles on the top, which can generate moisture and mold inside the house. Roof ventilation helps in preventing ice damage to the home.

Sign of poor roof ventilation:

  • Ice Dams on the roof: During the snowfall season, if you see ice dams on your roof, it means that the house ventilation system is not working correctly. This indicates that your air ventilation system needs to be fixed.
  • Breaking down of air conditioner:Suppose the air conditioner does not work correctly or often breakdown. In that case, it could be because that hot air is trapped inside the house, and your is overworking to keep the house cool. This also indicates that the roof ventilation system needs to be checked.
  • Cold and hot areas of the house:Suppose you notice that some house areas have hot or cold temperatures than other parts of the house, such as upstairs. This also indicates that the ventilation system is not working correctly and keeps some areas hot or cold.
  • Roof leak, molds, and mildew:if any of these signs appear inside your house, this means that the house ventilation system is not working properly, and it is time to fix it.
  • Pest inside the house:Moisture and hot air can invite unwanted pests inside the house. It is another indication that the air ventilation system is not working.


Types of roof ventilations:

Our company offers variety of roof vents to our customers. They can choose the type which is most suitable for their house. This can be done by our efficient worker. Following are the types of roof vents.

Turbine vent:

This vent help is moving heating around the attic of the house specially when there is no heat.

Power vent:

These vent work with the help of electricity and pulls hot air out.  It is useful in preventing humidity inside the attic of your house.

Solar power vent:

These vents perform the same function of the power vent except they run on solar power.

Ridge vents with a baffle:

These kind of vent runs along the side of the roof and they are not noticeable like other kind of vents.

We can provide solution to all your roofing problems. Contact us to make an appointment so our team can inspect the location and can get you a complete and cost effective budget for your required  services.